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Sleeping Quarters

Quality Sleep Is Required For Optimal Performance

Inadequate sleep is known to impair cognitive capacities, like attention and concentration. Quick and decisive action is often needed to perform your duties, which means staying alert throughout the day. A sound sleep is crucial to everything that you do, and comfortable sleeping quarters are an absolute necessity.

Weatherhaven designs and manufactures climate-controlled sleeping quarters that provide rest, comfort, and security to the dedicated workforces, soldiers, and humanitarians stationed all around the world.

Custom Shelter Configurations

The Weatherhaven Series 4™, Series 8™, and MTS™ softwall shelters are commonly used as accommodation units. These portable shelters can be fully or partially insulated, and have many door, window, floor, and electrical options.

The HERCon™, Weatherhaven's hardwall expandable container, is another popular shelter for accommodation purposes, and can be designed with living quarters, such as a kitchen and full bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower.

Weatherhaven accommodation shelters can be configured to house one or several people, with dormitory-style sleepers that include bunk beds. In addition to the shelters, Weatherhaven can supply all the furnishings you need-such as night tables, beds, mattresses, and lockers/closets.

Complete Shelter Solutions

We provide everything you need to complete your project or mission while living and working in our turnkey shelter systems. From need assessment and shelter design, to installation and equipment, we'll handle all your mobile shelter needs.

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