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Supplier Information

About Weatherhaven

As a leading innovator and custom solutions provider in the mobile shelter systems field, we've covered a lot of ground since opening our doors in 1981. Our team has achieved many milestones, successes, and technical advances over the years. We've grown significantly, domestically and internationally since our inception, and we continue to strive towards meeting the mobile shelter, camp, and field hospital needs of customers everywhere on Earth.

Based on Weatherhaven's success as a domestic and international shelter supplier and exporter, we wish to share our knowledge and expertise with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who wish to thrive and grow their own business to their maximum potential.

Weatherhaven wishes to engage SMEs supplier workshops and through this supplier portal to help enhance your business development and capability.

Weatherhaven Values

Weatherhaven is committed to providing superior quality products and services to the world's consumers, now and for generations to come. At Weatherhaven, successful partnerships require a respect for diversity, the environment and sustainability, and we seek those values in our agencies, business partners, and suppliers.

Working With Weatherhaven

If you're interested in becoming a Weatherhaven supplier, we'd like to hear about your products and/or services today.

Commodities and Services we are looking for include:

  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • Aluminum Bar Cutting
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Electrical Installation to CSA
  • Vinyl Coated Polyester Fabric
  • Fabric Manufacturing with RF Welding
  • Powder Coat Painting
  • In Service Support

To apply to Weatherhaven as a potential supplier please fill out the appropriate qualification survey below and send it to: tannas@Weatherhaven.com

Below you will find a link to Weatherhaven's Vendor Requirements Manual which indicates vendor expectations and the Vendor Qualification Audit which is both a vendor self assessment and the parameters for the on-site audit.


Vendor Qualification Survey

Distributor Qualification Survey

Service Provider Qualification Survey

Vendor Requirements Manual

Supplier Workshops

If there are topics that might be of interest that Weatherhaven can potentially support please send an email to the Quality department at tannas@Weatherhaven.com

Contact Us

Global Sourcing Principles

In addition to embracing Weatherhaven's Purpose, Values and Principles, our Purchasing Department is guided by five global principles for strategic sourcing. These five principles establish a foundation for our discipline and serve as guidelines in our daily activities as we interact with external suppliers.

These five principles are:

  1. Best Total Value
    • We make sourcing decisions on the basis of best total value offered to supply our requirements for goods and services. Best total value is driven by business needs and includes a number of components that include total cost of ownership, quality of goods or services performed, supplier responsiveness and account service, speed or time-to-market, minority/women ownership, localized supply, and supplier willingness to share risk/provide resources.
  2. Honest, Ethical and Fair Dealings
    • We treat all suppliers with respect and deal with them honestly, ethically, and fairly. We conduct business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations wherever we operate. We believe that buyers and suppliers optimize their working relationship when there is a foundation of trust. By treating suppliers and potential suppliers honestly, ethically and fairly, we do our part in building that foundation, and expect that the supplier will do likewise. We do this not only because we believe it is right, but also because it makes working with Weatherhaven attractive to current and potential suppliers.
  3. Externally-Linked Supply Solutions
    • We deliver solutions that meet Weatherhaven business needs by bringing the Company's deep supply and market knowledge and access to supplier competencies, resources, and relationships around the globe. We create effective business alternatives to develop commercial and supply solutions for Weatherhaven businesses that deliver improved service, revenue and profit, while flexible enough to accommodate market changes.
  4. Competition and Collaboration
    • We apply the strategic use of competition, collaboration or a blend of the two in our approach towards managing our supplier relationships. The Company has a long-held belief that competition encourages the innovation and efficiency from our supply base that ultimately delivers optimum value over the long-term. Weatherhaven also believes that we must collaborate with suppliers to access and engage their core competencies, capabilities, and resources to support us in creating value for our consumers and customers. The choice to emphasize competition or collaboration or blend the two is driven by business circumstances, supply market dynamics, supplier capability, supplier compatibility with Weatherhaven, and the level of interdependency necessary between Weatherhaven and the supplier to deliver best value.
  5. Supplier Incumbency
    • We seek to balance stability in our supply base and orderly shifts of business with the need to seek out new suppliers who offer superior value. We prefer ongoing relationships with incumbent suppliers because we believe they deliver lower long-term costs and higher value to our business. Therefore, to win our business, new suppliers must provide meaningfully better total value than the incumbent. Incumbency is applied to each specific situation where a number of elements are considered that includes Weatherhaven business needs, past performance and future potential of a supplier, impact of business shifts on overall marketplace competitiveness and long-term buyer/supplier relationships, and costs for start-up, qualification, and/or shut-down.

Sustainability Guidelines for External Business Partners

It is Weatherhaven's belief that how we operate as a Company, and as individuals, is based on the principle of doing the right thing in all that we do. This leads consumers to place their trust in us, our customers and business partners to do business with us, our shareholders to invest in us, our external stakeholders to respect us, and the best talent to join us in working for Weatherhaven.

We operate within the spirit and letter of the law, maintaining high ethical standards wherever we conduct business. We actively seek business relationships with partners who share our values and promote the application of these high standards among those with whom they do business.

These Sustainability Guidelines for External Business Partners explain the global standards to be followed in your daily business activities on behalf of Weatherhaven. External business partners and their suppliers are expected to share Weatherhaven commitment to these standards. Weatherhaven reserves the right to conduct audits to assure compliance with these guidelines and also reserves the right to discontinue any relationship should the external business partner violate, fail to correct, or have a pattern of violating these guidelines.

Sustainability Guidelines

External business partners must follow the law at all times. External business partners and their employees must ensure they understand how these standards and the law apply to their work on behalf of Weatherhaven. No external business partner has the authority to require or request that any of their employees or anyone else to violate these standards or any law or regulation.
Weatherhaven respects internationally recognized human rights as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Associated Covenants, and the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We expect our external business partners to respect these internationally recognized human rights. In our business award decisions, we will continue to place substantial value upon incumbent and potential external business partners who consistently respect these human rights. Our commitments to human rights are detailed in our Human Rights Policy Statement and Social Policies & Statements.
Weatherhaven's external business partners will not use child labor. The term child refers to a person younger than 15 (or 14 where local law allows) or, if higher, the local legal minimum age for employment or the age for completing compulsory education. Weatherhaven prohibits assigning young workers (i.e., under 18 years of age or as defined by local law) to hazardous work based on age limits and types of work (e.g., night work) defined by local law.
Employment must be voluntarily and freely chosen. External business partners including recruitment agencies must verify the legal employment eligibility of employees to work. External business partners including recruitment agencies must not use prison labor, indentured or bonded labor, human trafficking, or modern day slavery. External business partners must never use corporal punishment or other forms of mental and/or physical coercion. External business partner employees should not be required to lodge deposits or identity papers, or to pay recruitment fees, and should be free to leave their employee after reasonable notice. Weatherhaven expects those recruitment agencies that work for Weatherhaven to train their employees who are assigned to work on the Weatherhaven account to ensure they understand these requirements.
External business partners must comply with all applicable wage and hour laws, including minimum wage, overtime, maximum hour rules, meal and rest periods, and to provide legally mandated benefits. Where local industry standards exceed applicable legal requirement, external business partners are encouraged to provide wages that meet the higher local industry standards.
Weatherhaven expects its external business partners to treat their employees with dignity and respect. External business partners are expected to have systems in place to prevent, detect, and resolve unacceptable worker treatment such as harassment, inappropriate use of discipline, discrimination, physical or mental punishment, or other forms of intimidation or abuse (e.g., physical abuse, threat of abuse, sexual or other harassment, verbal abuse, any type of corporal punishment, or other forms of mental and/or physical coercion as a form of discipline).
Discrimination based on race, color, gender, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status, medical condition (e.g., HIV/AIDS status, pregnancy, etc.), or any other legally protected factor will not be tolerated. External business partners must not discriminate in their hiring and employment practices (e.g., pay/promotion) and must follow all employment laws. Employment decisions must be based on merit, skills, and work experiences.
External business partners must comply with all applicable health and safety laws, rules, regulations and industry standards. We expect our external business partners to be committed to and support the improvement of the health and safety of their operations, employees and the surrounding community. Our external business partners are expected to take all reasonable and necessary actions to prevent accidents and injuries, analyze and minimize health and safety risk exposure, protect their physical assets, ensure business continuity and engender public trust. If a question arises relating to the industry standards for key ingredients, contact your Weatherhaven Purchases representative.
External business partners must comply with all applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations. Weatherhaven recognizes that we must be responsible for environmental stewardship and using resources wisely. We strive to be socially responsible in the use of Company resources for the long-term benefit of society. Our commitments to environmental sustainability are addressed in our Environmental Policies & Statements. External business partners are expected to share Weatherhaven's commitments and maximize the value and quality of their products by using resources responsibly, preserving the environment and reducing the environmental footprint of their operations. Weatherhaven will identify and notify external business partners that will be required to use and submit the scorecard or designated equivalent on-line tool to track improvement on environmental sustainability metrics. All other external business partners are encouraged to use the scorecard for their internal use if applicable.
External business partners must respect their employees' right to choose to join or not to join a trade union, or to have recognized employee representation in accordance with local law. External business partners are expected to maintain constructive dialogue and negotiate in good faith with such representatives. External business partners shall not harass, discriminate against, or otherwise penalize workers, worker representatives, or trade union members because of their interest and/or membership in, or affiliation with, a trade union, or their legitimate trade union activity, in accordance with international labor standards.
External business partners must conduct business with integrity and in full compliance with the law. External business partners must not give, agree to give, offer, or receive anything of value to influence the behavior of another business partner or government official in order to obtain an improper benefit or advantage. Government officials include government employees (including employees at government-controlled or owned entities, such as hospitals, and energy and media outlets in certain countries), elected officials, political party officials, or candidates for public office or for a political party. External business partners must not make "facilitating payments," which are small payments (or "tips") to individual government officials to expedite routine government actions.
External business partners are expected to respect and comply with our policy on gifts, entertainment, and gratuities. Weatherhaven's policy generally prohibits receiving gifts, entertainment or other gratuities from people with whom Weatherhaven does business and is not acceptable, because doing so could imply an obligation on the part of the Company and potentially pose a conflict of interest.
External business partners must respect the privacy of their employees as well as those whose personal data Weatherhaven entrusts with them to provide products or services. Weatherhaven expects external business partners to properly protect and use personally-identifiable information. Weatherhaven expects that all external business partners will train their employees and subcontractors' employees assigned to work on the Weatherhaven account to ensure they understand the requirements and their personal responsibilities for protecting Weatherhaven personal information and as well as all Weatherhaven information. Our Privacy goal at Weatherhaven is to protect, collect and use personal information only for the purpose for which it was provided. We do not trade, sell or lease personal information entrusted to us. A complete statement of Weatherhaven's privacy policy may be found at this link.
External business partners will comply with all applicable laws related to General Conduct, Apprehension/Detention of personnel as it relates to their duties as a security provider. External business partners must ensure that all persons are treated humanely, respect their dignity and privacy, prohibit torture or other cruel inhumane or degrading treatment, sexual exploitation and abuse or violation or discrimination. External business partners will train their employees on these and other legal requirements.
We encourage external business partners and employees of external business partners working on Weatherhaven's business to report any violations of Weatherhaven Policy or the law. Reports can be made to Weatherhaven directly by any of the following means:

The Weatherhaven can be reached to report any serious concerns. Dial +1-604-451-8900 Dial country code 01 and then call collect at 604-451-8900 (in any other location)
Weatherhaven Ethics & Compliance Committee consists of the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Legal Officer, and the Global Human Resources Officer.

Email: ethicsandcompliance@Weatherhaven.com

Send mail to: Weatherhaven Ethics and Compliance Committee 2120 Hartley Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6W5