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Protecting Troops Around The World

For defensive measures-and to safeguard people, property, and equipment-Weatherhaven's turnkey military camps can be supplied with force-protection barriers, high-security perimeter or electric fencing, and lighting towers-all procured directly through Weatherhaven's network of partners and global supply chain.

Security Fences

For safety and peace of mind, Weatherhaven can provide ground-mounted, redeployable security fences or electrical-fence deterrents. For example, a typical high-security perimeter fence is approximately 2.5 meters high, with three-strand razor wire and barbed coil. A heavy-duty, industrial-grade fence facilitates security-and entry and egress of personnel and equipment-with double gates on either side of the camp or compound.

Lighting Towers & Defensive Barriers

For additional security, Weatherhaven can also source and provide lighting towers and defensive barriers for your military camp. Sourced from a range of manufactures, defensive barriers deliver the security, structural integrity, and strength you need for protective measures against gunfire, weapons, and other security threats.

Complete Shelter Solutions

Our team is available to assist you through each stage of military camp deployment, providing custom solutions to suit your unique needs. From initial mobile shelter design, to installation and post-project support, our team is equipped to handle all your mobile shelter requirements.

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