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Full Laundry Capability, From Batch To Self-Serve

Whether you're running a field hospital or living in a camp, clean linens and a fully functional laundry facility is an absolute necessity for both comfort and sanitation.

Weatherhaven's field laundry capability can be readily deployed worldwide, and is equipped with all the state-of-the-art equipment you need:

  • Batch Laundry: The design consists of large commercial drying tumblers and stainless-steel washers/extractors with solid-state, field-programmable, micro-computing controls. These controls exercise motor logic, a selection of cycles and speeds, and diagnostic capability.
  • Self-Serve Laundry: Stackable washers and dryers for individual use
  • The integrated mechanical room allows the laundry shelter to be fully operational in less than one hour once connected to a power and water source, and effluent catchment.

Weatherhaven's redeployable field laundry capability:

  • Can support the laundry of 250 to 500 persons, depending on staffing
  • Can include an integrated mechanical room for stand-alone operations
  • Features a rugged interior and exterior for maximum service life with minimal maintenance
  • Includes comprehensive electrical and mechanical support systems
  • Utilizes a water-saving system for reduced water consumption, when needed
  • Features interior design detail and a stainless-steel finishing to facilitate hygiene and housekeeping

Common batch-laundry and self-serve laundry configurations include:

  • Washer/extractor (with water-reclamation system)
  • Drying tumbler
  • Dryer air inlet duct (or plenum)
  • Grey-water tank
  • Mechanical/service room
  • Water-pressure pump
  • Folding tables
  • Heaters
  • Electrical service panel

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