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Soft Shelters:


Rapidly Deployed Modular Shelter System (RDMSS)

The RDMSS is the most advanced softwall shelter system in Weatherhaven's fleet. Driven by stringent military requirements, the RDMSS offers users a rapidly deployed capability for any geographic and/or climatic zone in the world.

The RDMSS includes all of the time-proven and trusted shelter features of Weatherhaven's global product line, providing Commanders with the convenience of deploying a single shelter system for both initial standard (0-6 months) and temporary standard (6-24 months) missions.

The RDMSS comes in three models: RDMSS-O, RDMSS-P, and RDMSS-Op, and can be supplied in multiple colours.

The following standard components are included:

  • Fully insulated
  • Solar Shade
  • ECU and cable ports
  • Interchangeable, rapid-install soft and hard doors
  • Internal ducting
  • Rugged, soft floor system sealed for weather, vermin and vectors
  • Screened window vents with a clear view-flex shield and external blackout covers
  • Lightweight aluminum frame


  • Tactical lighting kit
  • HVAC
  • Diesel-fired heater
  • Rapid placement rigid flooring
  • Black-out Vestibule
  • Shelter Connector Hub
  • Vehicle boot

Features Include:

  • Full blackout
  • Operational temperature range: -51°C to +49°C
  • Interchangeable frame parts between shelter models
  • Deployment in less than 10 minutes by three people for most models
  • Multiple egress points facilitating interconnectivity to other shelters and vehicles

Full Shelter Capability

We provide everything you need to complete your project or mission while comfortably living and working in our turnkey shelter solutions. No matter what your field needs are, we can customize a solution to match.

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