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Soft Shelters:

Polar Shelters

Shelter In Extreme Cold & Dry Locations

Weatherhaven supplies Polar fabric shelters to several national science organizations and private-sector operators for use in places like Antarctica, the High Canadian Arctic & Greenland.


The Polar shelter line includes three structures-the Polarhaven, the Polar Chief, and the Endurance-that suit a number of applications, including:

  • Arctic Expeditions
  • Advanced Base Camps
  • Scientific Studies
  • Tourism
  • Workforce Camps
Insulation Options

The Polarhaven and the Polar Chief are both available with two different insulation kits:

  • The first insulation type is a translucent-spun polyester mat, which allows light to be transmitted through to the interior of the shelter. This insulation allows either shelter to be kept warm by way of solar gain.
  • The second insulation type is an aluminum-foil-coated bubble wrap. Of the two options, this is a better insulator, but is totally opaque, and does require internal lighting and heat source.
Polar Chief

The Polar Chief is the "in-between" option for those projects that require quick-strike capability, but have somewhat better logistics support. A larger camp, where Endurance shelters are used as sleeping quarters, would have a Polar Chief for use as a kitchen and/or office. The Polar Chief is designed for extremely cold and dry regions, performing well in severe wind conditions, and:

  • Is fully insulated
  • Is easy to set up and transport
  • Comes with an insulated vestibule
  • Includes convenient octagonal geometry to ensure no large, flat surface is exposed to swirling winds. The shape of the building makes drift management easier

A suitable base camp for the Polar regions of the world, the Polarhaven is one of three Weatherhaven fabric shelters designed specifically for extremely cold and dry regions. The ideal choice for a base camp, the Polarhaven can be set up for long periods of time and provides shelter from the environment:

  • Performs in high winds, snow, and extremely low temperatures
  • Is lightweight and compact for efficient transport
  • Is easy to set up
  • Comes in a selection of sizes

Named after Sir Ernest Shackleton's famous ship, the Endurance is a quick-erect, expeditionary mobile shelter designed to resist extreme winds, cold temperatures, and heavy snow loads. For example, one of our customers used Endurance shelters for their 1,000 km wintertime dog sled trip on the pack-ice North of Greenland. The Endurance:

  • Is quickly set up from within, reducing exposure of personnel
  • Has a lightweight fabric liner for increased thermal efficiency
  • Comes with clamshell ends to expedite medivacs or equipment access
  • Has a roomy interior
  • Is lightweight and compact, for ease of transport
  • Comes in 16' and 21' long models with a roomy interior

Full Life-Support Capability

Our turnkey shelter solutions provide you with everything you need to complete your mission, safely and comfortably. No matter what your needs are-or where you're stationed-we can customize a capability to match. From need assessment to deployment, we'll handle all your mobile shelter needs.

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