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Whether it's a mining, construction, or exploration camp, a comfortable and safe workforce camp shows good faith to your customers, employees, and other stakeholders.


Weatherhaven structures require no special tools, site preparations, or foundations, and no expert knowledge beyond general construction.


No Climate Is Too Harsh - No Location Too Remote. From -50°C to +50°C, Weatherhaven's shelters are designed to provide protection from extreme temperature and weather.


Our solutions are redeployable, allowing you to take your camp wherever you go.

I have purchased innumerable Weatherhaven shelters, of varying sizes and internal configurations for our company, and they've proved incredibly durable and versatile - especially in demanding, remote-site environments. Weatherhaven has an exemplary record of providing turnkey installations - all inclusive facilities - and novel design solutions, built quickly and efficiently. In almost 30 years of working in the exploration milieu, there are few companies that have so thoroughly met my, and my company's, considerable expectations.

Jeremy Howe, Logistics Coordinator, BHP Billiton

We would like to thank Weatherhaven for the prompt service and effort to respond to our requests quickly and efficiently, meeting established delivery dates and always maintaining the quality of the product delivered. We count on this partnership for next year, we will have new projects and WH Brasil will be fundamental to our success!

Hugo Pereira de Recende Jr. Manager, Supply Chain, Tabocas Construction, Brasil

I had the privilege of sleeping in the shelter during Arctic Basecamp, so I can testify that it did its job at night. During the daytime it made a great venue and backdrop for our external events! Thanks so much to you George, and to James as well, for all your hard work and assistance in getting the shelter manufactured and to Davos - it's much appreciated.

British Antarctic Survey, University of Lancashire

Severe winds over the winter had blown down all the plywood buildings and scattered the pieces all over the tundra. 11 fabric shelters from Weatherhaven were still standing, having withstood gales that had pulverized 7 wooden buildings.

Mike Kenney, Operations Manager, Matrix Aviation Solutions, Baffinland Mining Camp

For the past 10+ years we have purchased hundreds of tents for our Arctic operations, used for accommodations, and workshops. These shelters have been deployed in Arctic and treed regions in temperatures as low as -50C. The shelters have performed well under these climates and conditions. Working with Weatherhaven and its staff has been a positive experience.

Martin Knudson, President, Matrix Aviation Solutions Inc.

Thanks so much for all the support. Literally a 'life saver'.

Leo Houlding, World Class Climber and Adventurist

We would like to thank Weatherhaven for their prompt service and effort to serve us primarily for short-term requests, meeting established delivery dates and always maintaining product quality.

Gerfson Flavio Barros dos Santos, Cobra Brasil Servicos, Comunicacoes e Energia S.A.

Thank you for the extremely targeted and cooperative way you handled the project. It was very efficient under the time constraints given on both sides.

Alfred Wegner Institute, Germany (Antarctic Drill shelter deployment)

Big winter storm with 70mph winds at Red Mountain last night! Our crews were cozy in our tough Weatherhaven tents.

IDM Mining Camp

Thank you for all the help and support to the Halley VI relocation.

British Antarctic Survey

Brilliant shelter for the job. Withstood some windy days without a murmur.

BAM Nuttall, Antarctica

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your guys for last week. Everything looked good and the Director loved the EHMECC.

Producer, King Lear film project

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