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Ray Castelli appointed CEO of Weatherhaven

28 January 2008

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada – Weatherhaven, one of the world’s leading providers of redeployable shelter systems, announced today that Ray Castelli has been invited to join the ownership group of the company and will serve as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer, effective March 1st, 2008.

The appointment of Mr. Castelli, a member of Weatherhaven’s Advisory Board since 2006, coincides with the company’s decision to embark on a 5-year growth strategy which would involve significant expansion into key markets such as Latin America and Africa, as well as the introduction of several new product developments.

“Weatherhaven is delighted to have attracted an individual of Ray Castelli’s calibre to join our ownership group and serve as our Chief Executive” said Brian Johnson, Managing Partner of the company. “Weatherhaven’s Board has been very impressed with Ray’s contribution to the development of our company as well as his experience in global business development, the natural resources industry and the military.”

Mr. Castelli was most recently President and CEO of Naikun Wind Development Inc., a Vancouver-based wind energy company. Prior to that role he spent 12 years in the international business development area focused on the natural resource industry. His responsibilities included being co-founder and Senior VP of Quadrem, a procurement services company formed by 19 of the world’s largest mining and metals companies, as well as Director of Corporate Development for Alcan Aluminum Ltd. Prior to joining Alcan, Mr. Castelli spent 6 years in the federal government including serving as Chief of Staff to the Minister of National Defence and Deputy Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Canada.

Weatherhaven is a leading provider of redeployable shelters, camps and systems for remote sites around the world. The company engineers, manufactures and installs customer shelter systems for a wide variety of commercial, military and medical applications. With strategic partnerships in many countries and manufacturing facilities on three continents, the company has grown from being a dominant Canadian domestic supplier to providing shelter systems and installations on all seven continents with deployments in more than 50 countries.