Canadian Army Today Praises the Headquarters Shelter System (HQSS Shelter)

14 May 2020

May 14, 2020 – Port Coquitlam, Canada

Weatherhaven has been providing military solutions for troops around the world with its engineering ingenuity and design. The new Headquarters Shelter System (HQSS Shelter) is the newest addition of Weatherhaven’s military products to aid the Canadian armed forces, replacing the older Tent Expandable Modular System (TEMS) headquarters.

Some Features Contain:

  • Rapid deployability in various climates (from tropical heat to sub negative temperatures)
  • Tactical command posts including division, brigade, unit and domestic joint task force headquarters, Role2E hospitals and medical command posts
  • Ancillary equipment(semi-rigid flooring and environmental control units)
  • Tactical LED lighting
  • Wide range of repair and overhaul selection
  • Modular flexible layout

Weatherhaven is honoured to be continuing supporting the Canadian Armed Forces in their mission in protecting the nation. To contact us about our military shelters or other redeployable shelter solutions that can support your operations, please use the contact us form on our website.

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